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PC-TV05 Android TV Box with A8-UV Chip 1.0GHz+512MB DDR2+2G Flash WIFI
Android TV box 1.0GHz+512MB WIFI A8UV chip Android TV box 1.0GHz+512MB WIFI A8UV Chip Android TV box 1.0GHz+512MB WIFI A8UV Chip
  • PC-TV05 Android TV Box with A8-UV Chip 1.0GHz+512MB DDR2+2G Flash WIFI

  • Android set-top boxes PC-TV05 using Android 2.3 system and UV solutions, support for WIFI, HDMI and CVBS AV output, support for local high-definition video and online potatoes, Youku,/YouTube HD video play, and support play game, listen to music online or directly from the mobile hard disk.



ANDROID TV BOX PCTV-05 HDMI HD 1080P Wifi Internet TV Set-Top Box Media Player Black

Android set-top box PC-TV05, which  combination of television and computer products, can be used as a network TV set-top boxes, and smooth playback of high-definition video through the HDMI interface to an external monitor or HD or local, whilebrowse the computer.

It based on the Android 2.3 and A8-UV Chip, can be connected to a wired network, an external mobile hard disk, support keyboard and mouse and wireless remote control operation, Connect to your TV and instantly access a world of TV Channels, Movies and music.



  • CVBS AV Output
  • Google Android OS 2.3
  • Support OTG function, can read directly from USB, mobile hard disk
  • Support WIFI B/G/N
  • HDMI output 1080P
  • Support 2.4G Remote mouse and Keyboard
  • Watch movies, play online games, listen to music
  • Support online video and cersirtel network: YouTubu, Facebook, Twsitter,
  • Support local Video with HD Resolution and local Audio
  • Ethernet:10/100 BASE-T

More entertainment choices 

  • Connect to your TV and instantly access a world of TV Channels,Internet, Movies and music.
  • over-the-web shows, movies, games and favorite apps like Netflix—on your existing HDTV.


Your TV now has apps

  • Access the Android Market to download Android apps—many optimized for your large screen TV
  • Dig into apps from news to entertainment, business and education


Surf your big screen with Google Chrome

  • More powerful search on your HDTV with the world's most popular search engine
  • Picture-in-Picture takes multitasking to your HDTV—watch live TV and surf the web at the same time on one screen


Simple setup

  • Easy to connect to your HDTV, cable or satellite box and high-speed Internet(support WIFI)
  • An easier, quicker way to navigate the web on your HDTV
  • control by wireless TV remote, keyboard and mouse


What you need to use PCTV05.
Setup is easy. You need three simple things.

1.HDTV with HDMI input port
Not sure your TV is HD?Look for the HDMI port on the back.

2.Internet (wireless or wired)
Connect to the Internet through a wireless or Ethernet-connected network.

3.Cable,satellite or over-the-air set-top box with HDMI output port.



Operation System

Android 4.0


DDR2  512MB


2GB Flash


A8-UV Chip 1.0G


94*94*19 mm

Flash player

Flashplayer 10.1

Mode of Opearation

Remote, Keyboard,mouse


100~240V AC input, 5V DC Output





RJ45 Ethernet

High speed USB 2.0

CVBS AV output



Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, etc. (About 20 languages)



Complete Accessories:

AVIN cable, Charger, Remote control, HDMI cable.



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